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in selling our Natural Soy Blend Candles.

No Minimums - FREE Shipping Offer - Strongest Soy Scents

People love to resell our candles.
Our strong scents will give you happy repeat customers.
Gift shops and some work at home consultants
buy our candles using the Box Sale
and add a mark up to our prices and resell them.
If you sell Gift Baskets,
our candles are great to add to them.

We recommend our Jar Candle Box Sale to you.
"Pay For 11 Jar Candles and Get 1 FREE"

You may mix the scents.
This Offer is Good only on our Jars Candles ordered from our website.

Shipping is FREE on orders $150.00 and over.
All states are Sales Tax Free, except for Pennsylvania.

Groups also do fundraisers using our jar candle Box Sale.

You may remove our label and attach yours.

The best way to sample our many scents
is to order our Tart Melts at a $1.89
for a pack of 4 per scent.

Try a small Test Order.
You Will Love Our Candles.

Our website is our catalog and brochure.
The only option right now is to order
from our website using a credit or debit card.
In order to keep our prices low,
we have all our sales go through our website.

Thanks again for your interest in our candles.
People across America tell us they are the best.
You will, too.

From Jennifer - Vermont
I found your website doing a search for wholesale candles.
Soy candles have become real popular
and I needed to add some in my gift shop.
I've ordered your Box Sale on your soy jar candles,
several times now and my customers love them.
The delivered price is a good deal for wholesale candles.
Your customer service person told me,
that I could put my own logo label on your jars.
I've been doing that and my vacation people
buy them as take home gifts.
I am so glad I found you and the customers LOVE your scents.

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"The heart of everything we make is the Fragrance"
Soy Wax Blend with Essential Oil Scents
3X the Scent Power
"Scented to the Max"

Colors may vary slightly from batch to batch.


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