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32 Fluid oz - Net Wt 26oz Soy Jar
32 Fluid oz - Net  Wt  26oz Soy Jar
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    Shipping Weight: 4.00 pounds
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    Online Discount - $18.99 Each ($27.99 Value - compared to Yankee jars in our store)
    Jar Size: 32 Fluid Ounces - Wax Net Weight 26oz (737g)
    Average Burn Time: Up to 200 hours

    We are now shipping our "New Libbey Glass Swirl Optic Jar"
    with a round Glass Lid.
    You will LOVE how the swirl optics on the top and bottom of jar
    projects a dancing light pattern as it burns.
    Round Swirl Optic Jar Size: 32 Fluid Ounces - Wax Net Weight 26oz (737g)

    The paneled jars are being phased out.
    and being replaced with the new round Libbey swirl optic jar,
    shown above.

    Natural Soy Blend Triple Scented Candles
    Dry Volume Weight : 26oz net
    Hot Liquid Volume : 32oz Liquid Wax Fill Measurement
    Lead Free - Braided Cotton Wicks
    Burn Time : 200 Hour Average
    Approximate Dimensions : 7 inches x 4 inches
    Jar Mouth Opening : (Outside - 3 1/4 inches) (Inside - 2 7/8 inches)
    Candle Has Two Wicks : Even Burning With NO WASTED Wax
    100 % AMERICAN MADE ... This Candle is a Product of over 30 years of Making some of
    You Are Buying Direct From The Maker ... " NO MIDDLE MAN PRICES TO PAY "
    Online Discount: $18.99 each ($27.99 Value - Compared to Yankee jars in our store)

    Our Customers Are Telling Us That We Give Them :

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    This is a Favorite among our repeat customers... This Style Candle Jar goes great with any Decor from Modern to Country...
    The 2 Wicks give twice the Light and cause the Soy Candle to burn evenly with NO Wasted Wax...

    This is a Great Item for that Special Person On Your Gift List...

    MAXIMUM SCENTED from Top to Bottom and is available in over 120 Scents...
    This Candle is Made in some of Your Favorite Floral Scents like : Sweet Pea, Gardenia, Stargazer Lily, Hydrangea, Country Heather, Evening Rose, White Lilac, Honeysuckle, Wild Flowers, Lavender, Plumeria, Citrus Sage and More ... Plus this candle is Available in All the Fruit Scents, Bakery Scents, Outdoor Scents and Traditonal Holiday Scents... Look over the Great List to choose from .

    Consider adding one of our Famous SMOKERS CANDLES to your order...THEY REALLY WORK.
    Destroys Bad Odors like...Tobacco, Pet, and Food Cooking Smells.
    Our 2 Wick Smoker Jar has 2 wicks for even burning.
    200 Hour Average - Burn Time

    All our Scents including the Smokers Candle are on the above Drop Down Scent List.

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    We use Lead Free Wicks, the Purest Waxes and Nature's Finest Fragrances in ALL our Candles...
    " You Can't Buy A Better Scented Jar Candle "

    5 inch Tin Holder for this Jar Candle - $1.99 Each

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