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Soy Wax Melts - TRIPLE SCENTED - 3X Scent Power
Soy Wax Melts - TRIPLE SCENTED - 3X Scent Power
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    Price: $2.25
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    Best Quality at the Best Prices
    No Middleman
    We are the Maker
    "Direct to You Price"
    $2.25 (Pack of 4)
    $3.99 Value
    Soy Wax Blend
    Select from 160 Essential Oil Scents
    3X Scent Power

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    All States are Sales Tax Free,
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    The Soy Difference
    Super Strong and Extra Long Lasting
    Over 160 Natural Scents
    that will Fill Your Home in Every Season.

    Natural Soy Blend Triple Scented Hearts
    MAXIMUM SCENTED Potpourri Soy Tarts
    4 to a Package
    You Are Buying Direct From The Maker
    Price: $ 2.25 Package of 4 Heart Tarts ($3.99 Value)
    Approximate weight - 1.5 ounces
    Scent Throw: 8 to 12 Hours or longer for each Tart Melt.
    Soy wax tart melts with natural oil scents.
    Our Potpourri Soy Heart Tarts are the strongest ever!
    Pet Friendly Fragrances
    "Melt Odors Away"
    Scented to the Max with our strongest Essential Oil Scents
    They are really Super Charged with Scent Power.
    Our Soy Wax Blend Melts are the strongest scented product
    we make.
    They are small in size when compared to jar candles,
    but they have an extra amount of concentrated scent in them.
    As the Soy Blend Heart Tart melts
    it releases its Wonderful Fragrance into the air.
    MAXIMUM SCENTED throughout the entire Soy Blend Tart
    No Surface Over Dips.

    You will Love these MAXIMUM SCENTED Soy Wax Blend Melts
    include some with your Candle Order.
    Made with Essential Oil Scents.

    Over 160 Scents to choose from ...
    CLICK ON the drop down " Select Fragrance List"
    to see the great selection...

    Consider adding one of our Famous Smokers Candles to your order
    All our Scents including the Smokers Candle
    are on the above Drop Down Scent List.

    Discounted - Flat Rate Shipping and Handling Rates for the Tart Melts
    1 to 5 Packs -   $ 5.90 - - - Fixed Flat Rate to all 48 States (Excludes Alaska & Hawaii)
    6 to 7 Packs -   $ 6.90 - - - Fixed Flat Rate to all 48 States (Excludes Alaska & Hawaii)
    8 to 10 Packs - $ 7.90 - - - Fixed Flat Rate to all 48 States (Excludes Alaska & Hawaii)
    11 to 13 Packs - $ 8.90 - - - Fixed Flat Rate to all 48 States (Excludes Alaska & Hawaii)
    14 to 17 Packs - $ 9.90 - - - Fixed Flat Rate to all 48 States (Excludes Alaska & Hawaii)
    18 to 22 Packs - $10.90 - - - Fixed Flat Rate to all 48 States (Excludes Alaska & Hawaii)
    23 to 44 Packs - $12.90 - - - Fixed Flat Rate to all 48 States (Excludes Alaska & Hawaii)
    45 to 55 Packs - $14.50 - - - Fixed Flat Rate to all 48 States (Excludes Alaska & Hawaii)
    56 to 66 Packs - $14.90 - - - Fixed Flat Rate to all 48 States (Excludes Alaska & Hawaii)
    67 Packs and Over - Shipped FREE - to all 48 States (Excludes Alaska & Hawaii)
    The larger the order - the cheaper the shipping rate.
    Flat Rate Shipping and Handling Rates for these Tart Melts
    are lowered even more... when combined with other items.

    All Military APO orders are shipped at the above rates.

    Sorry - we do not ship to Alaska or Hawaii ...
    also we do not ship to Canada or other foreign countries,
    except for Military APO addresses.


    From Joie - State of Florida
    I thought I would let you know how much I am enjoying
    the Tarts I have ordered from your company.
    I work at the Suntrust Bank in Lady Lake, Florida
    and decided to make our atmosphere nice and cozy with them.
    Well...you cannot imagine the comments I have gotten.
    Matter of fact, most of my coworkers have placed orders.
    Now many of our customers tell me they are going to buy your Tarts.
    So, if you have been getting lots of orders from Lady Lake,
    Fruitland Park and Leesburg area,
    it is because we are all enjoying them so much at work.
    And at home too, what fun we are having using all the different scents.
    Thanks for making these Tarts, they are like little scent machines.
    You brighten our day down here in the Sunshine State!
    We all love your Country Heart Tarts.

    Fragrances make people feel welcomed in your Home and Business.

    From Tiffany - State of Delaware
    I have always been a HUGE fan of Yankee Candles,
    but because of their price increases I decided to try others.
    I accidentally came across your web site
    and noticed the lower price on your tarts,
    along with the great selection of scents.
    The price of four of your tarts are about the same as one of Yankee's.
    I thought, what do I have to lose.
    OH MY!!!...I recieved my order in 3 days which is very impressive.
    What is more impressive is that before the tart had melted,
    I could smell it through my whole house!
    I have a three story home and always have a tart burner going on each floor.
    Well, not any more!!!
    I am so excited...today is the second day burning the same tart
    and we can still smell the scent.
    Thanks for making products that have lots of scent!!!
    Hey...your tart recipe must really be a trade secret.

    From Emily - State of Kansas
    I am a candle lover who won't skimp on quality or price.
    After many let downs from big name companies,
    I was happy to find your web site and placed an order.
    I have always believed that soy candles are much better than regular wax.
    Your scents are so rich they fill my whole house.
    You have gained another happy customer along with my friends and family.
    I am going to enjoy giving your candles as Christmas gifts.
    Kansas loves your candles.

    From Sheril - State of New York
    Thank you so much for the great service - you people are the BEST.
    On Monday, I placed my order on your website
    and on Tuesday I received an email message that my order was shipped.
    Thursday my wonderful tarts arrived at my front door.
    My house is already filled with my favorite fall Autumn Wreath scent.
    Getting an order from you is always such a treat.
    I love how you send extra tart samples as little gifts.
    VERY HAPPY that I found you, thanks for everything.

    From dbaker - Houston, Texas
    Country Heart Candles rock!
    I have always loved candles and tarts.
    Country Heart Candles tarts and candles are soooo amazing.
    I ran across this site while surfing the web for a specific candle company.
    I ordered five jar candles and several packages of tarts.
    Confession... Wow! Simply divine.
    The Grandma's Chocolate Brownie tarts 'are to die for'.
    Takeaway testimony... I melted the Grandma's Chocolate Brownie tart at work,
    and my goodness; everyone was spellbound.
    Executives, visitors, staff, and children alike were all in scent heaven,
    expressing pleasure of this remarkable scent.
    I just could not keep people away from my desk.
    The quest and atmosphere at work indescribable.
    Some expressed that it smelled like mocha cappiciono,
    others said it smelled like homemade brownies,
    and still others said caramel chocolate cake, etc.
    This magic scent spell was all over the place... it was fun to watch.
    If you want to make a great lasting impression,
    try the Grandma's Chocolate Brownies.
    I can't wait to try some more tart scents.

    From Pam - State of Maryland
    Hi... I just received my first order of Tarts from you,
    and I just wanted to THANK YOU for the excellent quality of your products
    as well as the super fast shipping.
    In addition, your Tarts are by far the BEST I have ever purchased,
    and I have purchased many different brands.
    I will certainly be back real Soon... for more.
    And, I am happy to pass on the Country Heart Candle name to all my friends.
    P.S. I love the picture of your Sheltie dog...
    I have three and simply adore them... many thanks.

    From Teri S - Lebanon, Oregon
    I just stumbled across this place while surfing the net,
    looking for some tarts.
    I ordered some because of all the wonderful testimonials
    and first I have to say the shipping was so quick !
    I ended up ordering some really good scents
    and I have to tell you that these tarts are WONDERFUL !!
    I can melt them twice and they make your whole house smell.
    I smoke, but I smoke outside and you can even smell the tarts from outside !!
    I will be ordering more on the third of August !
    Thank you for bringing me the best scents.
    I will be recommending your tarts to a business that sells soy beads,
    which don't do what your candles do at all.
    You have gained a new regular customer.


    Our goal is to package and ship all orders
    within 24 to 72 hours.
    During heavy volume periods...
    orders can take longer to process.
    So, please plan ahead and Order Early.
    We will do our best to get all orders
    shipped as soon as possible.
    Due to the heavy weight of our candle orders
    we do not offer Express Shipping.
    Most orders are shipped by UPS.
    Other orders are shipped by Priority Mail,
    depending on who gives the Best Service to your area.

    You Have Guaranteed Protection On Our Website...
    Order with Confidence, Our Website is Protected and Secure...
    All Your Transactions with us are SAFE and PROTECTED.
    We DO NOT Store any of Your Personal Information
    on Our Website .
    All Tranactions go Directly to Your Credit Card Co.
    for their approval .
    We Never See or have Possession of
    Your Credit Card Number .
    Your Security is GUARANTEED
    by all Four Major Credit Card Institutions.
    All Credit Card Purchases are backed up
    by Mastercard, Visa, Discover and American Express
    with their Online Safe Guards
    that protect every transaction.


    The Potpourri Melt Warmer shown in the above Photo
    is NOT included in the Price .
    Thank's again for your interest in our Products
    Try an order today .

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    Triple Scented Candles by Country Heart Candles

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    "The heart of everything we make is the Fragrance"
    Soy Wax Blend with Essential Oil Scents
    3X the Scent Power
    "Scented to the Max"

    Colors may vary slightly from batch to batch.


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