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Square Punched Tin Shade
Square Punched Tin  Shade
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    Price: $6.50
    Shipping Weight: 1.20 pounds
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    Dimensions : 6 inches x 4 inches
    Fits Our Large 2 Wick - Prism Jar Candles
    The opening on the shade that fits on the jar lip is 3 3/8 inches.

    SALE PRICE : $ 6.50 Each ( $ 10.99 Value )

    Great accessory for the 2 Wick Prism Jar Candle.
    These metal shades are made to withstand the heat of a burning Jar Candle.
    You will love this added touch... that turns a jar candle into a flickering lamp.
    These metal shades also, help block drafts that sometimes can cause a candle
    to burn unevenly.
    Include one on your order.
    Turn down the lights and enjoy.
    You will LOVE... how these Punched Tin Designs... dance on your walls
    as your candle flickers.

    Candle is Sold Separately and is not included in the above Price.

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