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Electric Candle Jar Warmer
Electric Candle Jar Warmer
    Quantity in Basket: None
    Code: 24-Watt-Jar-Warmer
    Price: $15.99
    Shipping Weight: 5.00 pounds
    Pick Style:

    Outside Measurements - 7 Inches High by 5 1/2 Inches Wide
    Inside Opening - 4 1/2 Inches Deep by 4 Inches Wide
    SALE PRICE - $15.99 Each ( $24.99 Value )

    A new way to enjoy your favorite scents without lighting up.
    These Jar Warmers are great to use,
    where you do not want an open flame.
    A Safer way to enjoy fragrances around children and pets.

    Specially designed to heat Jar Candles.
    These units heat the walls of the jars,
    as well as the bottom.
    Many "flat style warmer plates" only heat the bottom of the jars
    and take much longer to get scent into the air.
    The "crock style warmer" is the Best Design for heating jar candles.

    You will love how these Crock Style Warmers,
    gently heat the whole jar candle,
    evenly sending the fragrance through your home.

    These units will hold either our 8oz, 16oz, or our larger 32oz jar.

    Yes, Yankee's large jar candle also fits with room to spare.
    We also, found that it works great on partly burned
    large size jar candles.

    This is a great item to use on all your half used jar candles.
    Stop throwing away nearly empty jars,
    warm them up in one of these jar crock melters
    and enjoy the remaining scent in them.

    Please see the additional pictures below:

    The jar candles used in all of the above pictures
    are not included in the price.
    Thank you.

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